Who are we?

OxygenForIndia (OFI), through its implementation partner HealthCubed, is providing oxygen equipment on a fully returnable basis to support Equipment Operator Partners (EOPs) - Hospitals/NGOs/Volunteer Groups /Clubs

What are we providing?

We will help you provide oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators to your COVID patients.

How long can you keep the cylinders and concentrators?

The equipment shall be provided for an initial period of 2 months, mutually extendable, and is required to be returned upon OFI’s request.

How much does it cost?

Your patients get the equipment free of cost. You are required to pay a highly subsidised Refundable Deposit (RD) and a nominal monthly cost, as follows:

Equipment Refundable deposit Audit cost reimbursement
Oxygen cylinder (10L/15L) Rs 5,000 per unit Rs 250/month per unit
Oxygen concentrator (5LPM) 15,000 per unit Rs 1000/month per unit

Terms and Conditions:

Upon approval by OFI, an agreement will be signed between OFI and the EOP, wherein the EOP commits to use the equipment shared for the benefit of needy patients, free of cost. The EOP is required to pay a highly subsidised Refundable Deposit (RD) and a nominal monthly cost.

Your Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Create or access the necessary infrastructure, knowhow, trained manpower, sanitisation procedures, and other requirements to provide emergency oxygen cylinders/ equipment to those in need
  • Take full responsibility for proper handling, storage, security and return of the oxygen equipment to us while adhering to COVID protocols as stipulated by the law
  • Obtain all permissions and meet compliances required from the government and appropriate controlling authorities for such an operation
  • Provide fortnightly updates on the assistance provided using the equipment, inventory of equipment, its working condition and issues, if any
  • Provide reasonable branding in all materials clearly stating that the equipment has been provided by OxygenForIndia

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