What Is The Need Of The Hour?

India is battling the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. People are dying without medical oxygen because they cannot get a hospital bed, and there is no way for them to get medical oxygen at home. There is no specific database or helpline number to call for supplies. This has led desperate family members to rely on social media, which often leads to unreliable or outdated sources.

How Are You Solving The Problem?

Our goal is to make sure medical oxygen reaches those who need it the most, as quickly as possible. We are using a triaging system that involves specific local hospitals operating in low-income communities across India to identify patients in greatest clinical & economic need. Eligible patients are identified immediately and are able to pick up oxygen cylinders and concentrators at zero cost, but against a fully-refundable deposit to ensure that these are returned.  

Providing medical oxygen cylinders will help:

  • Take care of patients at home without the need for hospital admission. 
  • Help hospitals with their medical oxygen supply which is currently unreliable. 
  • Enable turnover of beds to allow new patients to be admitted. One reason hospitals are not able to discharge patients is because they have no medical oxygen support at home. This would allow many more patients to be served.  
I Heard That Oxygen Cylinders Are In Short Supply. How Are You Able To Source Them? What About Oxygen supply?

We have established supply chains to procure cylinders and have 40,000 cylinders on their way to India. India has ample production capacity of oxygen, but no way to transport it from the sites that make it to patients who need it. The problem we are solving is this last-mile transportation.

What are my funds supporting?

Your funds support the purchase of cylinders and concentrators, setting up oxygen desks at hospitals, and transportation costs. For now, the oxygen cylinders are being provided for free, but that could change over time. Everyone (except for those manning help desks) working on this campaign is an unpaid volunteer.

Do You Have Any Hospitals That You Are Already Working With? Any Caregiver/Nursing Agencies That You Are Working With?

The complete list of hospitals will be on our website shortly. We are not working with nursing agencies as of now, but that could change as the ground situation evolves.

How Do You Plan To Scale Up?

We are currently operating in Delhi & Kolkata and will be expanding to Chandigarh, Ranchi, Guwahati, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Additional cities and towns will be added over time.

Why Did You Start This Initiative?

OxygenForIndia is a volunteer-run campaign that was started on April 25, 2021. We started this initiative because of the dire situation patients are facing in India, every day. Anyone who is not infected is flooded with calls for help with beds and oxygen cylinders, and these are not available.

What Is The Procedure To Request Medical Oxygen?

OxygenforIndia provides Covid patients emergency oxygen equipment for home. In the interest of making sure that patients with the highest health and economic need are given first priority, we have a triage system in place to handle oxygen cylinder and concentrator requests.

The process is as follows:
  • Keep the required documents at hand (mandatory documents : doctor’s prescription on hospital letterhead, RT PCR & other reports and Aadhar card).
  • Fill in the ‘request oxygen’ form.
  • Wait for an approval or callback.
  • Pick up an oxygen cylinder or concentrator from our oxygen desk.
  • There is no charge for services from OxygenforIndia.
  • In the interest of getting our equipment back to help other patients, we charge a fully refundable deposit.
  • Once your request is approved, and payment is completed online, you will have to send someone to our center to pick up your concentrator or cylinder.
  • We will show them how to use the equipment. You may also refer to these guidelines on how to operate an oxygen cylinder and concentrator.
  • OxygenForIndia does not guarantee being able to provide a concentrator or cylinder. Our ability to serve you depends on the availability of cylinders or concentrators.
  • Please take care of our equipment so that we can help you and serve other people afterwards.
  • If for some reason, you are unable to complete the form, please send the following information in a SINGLE whatsapp message to ‘9676885462’. Details to be sent in the message are Patient’s Name, Gender & Age, Patient’s Aadhar card, Doctor’s prescription, Current SPO2 level, Current CRP Level, Name of guardian, Address for delivery.
What Are The Required Deposit Amounts?

The deposit amount differs based on the type of equipment you are requesting from OxygenForIndia. The deposit payment will be made through RazorPay and the deposit will be returned to you once the cylinder or concentrator has been returned to OxygenForIndia within 72 hours.

The payment has to be made using UPI payments or using a bank account transfer.

Equipment Deposit Amount
Oxygen Cylinder (1 Quantity) Rs 5,000
Oxygen Cylinder (2 Quantity) Rs 10,000
Oxygen Concentrator (1 Quantity) Rs 15,000

How Long Can I Keep The Cylinder Or Concentrator?

You can keep the cylinder or concentrator for a maximum of FIVE days. If for any reason you need to keep this for a longer duration, please reply to your request email to ask for an extension. Our goal is to ensure that the cylinders and concentrators are being used by people who need them the most, and hence request you to return our equipment on time to help others in their time of need.

What Happens If The Cylinder Or Concentrator Does Not Work?

Please reach out to the OxygenForIndia team and we will find another cylinder or concentrator in our warehouse that is working so you can exchange this.

Are My Contributions Tax-Deductible?

Contributions from taxpayers in the US and India are fully tax exempt to the extent of the law. Please email communications@cddep.org to request proof of donation for any contributions made through our payment partners.

We receive funds through the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy (CDDEP), a 501c3 organization and global research organization that has been at the forefront of COVID-19 research, including leading the largest COVID-19 contact tracing study in the world.

In India, we receive funds through the Tech4Health Foundation, a registered non-profit with 12a registration and 80g tax exemption.

Is OxygenForIndia Eligible For My Employer To Match My Donation?

In the US, if your employer uses Benevity for a corporate giving program, your donation to CDDEP is eligible for a donation match. Go to your employer’s giving site and look for “Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy”.​​

In India, we are in the process of registering Tech4Health Foundation with Benevity. When this process is complete, if your employer uses Benevity, you will be able to request a donation match. Stay tuned.​

*As of May 13th, 2021
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