The organizations that propel our initiative

When OxygenForIndia was founded on the 25th of April, we never expected the power of the corporate world to back us the way it has.

When everything seems to be careening out of control, the measure of who we are is defined by what we can do with our resources. 

We are incredibly grateful to the organizations that have stepped up to support us with all that they have in their arsenal.

Our special thanks to The Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy (CDDEP) for being the backbone of this initiative by providing their public health expertise.

Fund Raising

For any organisation to make a difference we need funding. While we have our own incredibly passionate teams working on this, both in India as well as abroad, it adds to the momentum when organizations step in to support the drive. 

  • Verizon Media/Yahoo has been one of our earliest champions. Their leadership’s public vote of confidence and one of their team members driving fundraising, opened many doors for OxygenForIndia.
  • UiPath was also one of our early champions and one of our first big donors.
  • Christensen Advisory is helping us connect with the financial world with respect to fund raising. As global capital markets and corporate strategy advisors, they have generously leveraged their reach into 250 companies to raise funds
  • SeattleForIndia is raising funds for us through their website. Their goal is to raise $10,000,000 (USD 10 million) to help OxygenForIndia procure 50,000 oxygen cylinders. 

Procurement & Logistics

Procurement and logistics are the two pillars that support any organization’s deployment of funds. 

We are grateful to the companies that have stepped in to help us identify, procure, and transport supplies to India.

  • United Airlines is helping us airlift 3,000 oxygen concentrators from the USA free of cost as a part of their Humanitarian AidDisaster Relief program.
  • Tech Mahindra has come in to help us with on the ground logistics and tech support. With world class innovators and thought leaders on their team, their support gives us access to cutting edge technology solutions. They will be extending  us fund raising support as well.
  • Tagros India is supporting our procurement efforts. Their support has augmented our efforts and is one of the reasons we are able to arrange a delivery of 2,500 cylinders in the next ten days.
  • Mudita Cargo has offered us free shipping around the country. With well developed ground and air infrastructure that covers 250+ cities, they have offered us free support on logistics within India, thereby enabling us to transport from port of entry to the cities where we need to restock. 
  • UiPath apart from being one of our generous donors, are also supporting us with transport and shipping logistics.
  • CIIE help us with on the ground operations.


We are delighted to have the support of HealthCube with respect to our operations. Having conducted nearly half a million tests in one of their earlier Corporate Social Responsibility projects, their knowledge of running operations at scale is one of the things that propels us faster.

Online presence

With the crisis developing the way it is, it was important that we have a presence online to not only spread the word and garner more support but also to showcase the impact we are making during this time. 

Sciera have contributed their expertise in helping us create content, design creatives and in executing our digital advertising campaigns. Their past experience as digital partners for organizations in driving the agenda for public good is an invaluable asset.

TalentSprint has extended their support to us.  As leaders in AI – powered digital learning platforms, their support is both timely as well as hugely impactful.

We are hugely grateful to  every one of these organisations for throwing their weight behind us.

We also thank Valuemomentum , Logitech , Apptio & MM Forgings for their generous donations. 

The measure of who we are is defined by what we can do with our resources. The variety and scale of resources being made available to OxygenForIndia place us in a position to provide maximum assistance to impacted families during these difficult times.

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