CLIRNet & OxygenForIndia Join Hands

CLIRNet & OxygenForIndia Join Hands

COVID-19’s second wave has not only spiked an uproar in the cases and deaths in India, but it has also exposed a rising crisis of non availability of medical oxygen and hospital beds, thus creating a sense of panic and despair in the nation. 

CDDEP along with Tech4Health Foundation and HealthCubed, launched OxygenForIndia to be a part of a nationwide solution to this problem. They recently partnered with CLIRNet, an online network platform for doctors, to help ease the burden on healthcare workers and infrastructure. 

OxygenForIndia is an initiative where patients in India have access to free oxygen cylinders as well as concentrators to fight against this meteoric COVID-19 crisis. This initiative has employed a triage system that deals with prioritizing patients having a higher risk and economic frailty. The triage system also vets patients who are truly in need of oxygen against those who want to stock their oxygen cabinets for a likely or an unlikely eventuality. Patients with a valid doctor’s prescription, mentioning the need for oxygen, are given precedence over others to create the sense of tending to emergency first. 

This is where CLIRNet exfoliates its role in the partnership by providing a platform for all doctors to have access to plethora of information. Primarily a web-based, CLIRNet facilitates a network of doctors by linking them with each other or adopting tie-eps with organizations and proliferating technological support to patient management in India. The platform also vociferously supports patient care management as well as data management that customizes the process and practices, allowing the ease of patient care and accessibility of previous medical records. 

The doctors can register on the CLIRNet platform and request for a unique OxygenForIndia id. Once they are registered they can mention their unique ids on the top of their patient’s prescription, thus when the triage system is used to vet out patients, they can be singled out as emergency cases. The patients then can submit their request form online at OxygenForIndia website along with the copy of this prescription. 

This likely partnership facilitates smoother transitions and eases the entire process of providing oxygen cylinders as well as concentrators to the public. Though the patients and the caregivers would have to submit a refundable deposit for receiving the equipment. 

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